Our team of experts has worked extensively with major airlines, all aspects of the food industry, and key software developers. We bring an in depth understanding of process mapping, data and software development, scheduling, logistics and financial management systems, on-site implementation, employee training and education, and ongoing systems and personnel development. C-link Airlines Solutions is uniquely qualified to support all three elements of the travel catering industry: carriers, caterers and system developers.

Services for Airlines

  • Manage caterer software systems on behalf of the airline
  • Map processes and identify gaps in software systems
  • Provide data entry services by module (scheduling, menu specifications, etc.)
  • Develop and implement the software modules with the airline
  • Develop training packages for the airline and its caterers
  • Liaise with software developers on behalf of the airline
  • Provide ongoing consultation to ensure maximum efficiency of the system
  • Develop reporting tools for key areas of the business

Services for Airline Caterers

  • Assist caterers in sourcing software tools
  • Provide and deliver pricing methodologies to maximize revenue
  • Develop training packages on major software tools used by airlines
  • Ensure standardized use of the system within the caterer’s network
  • Advise on best use of software to identify and reconcile invoicing issues
  • Develop client specific software tools using databases and reporting tools
  • Reconcile internal systems with those of their airline customers
  • Increase pricing and invoicing accuracy as well as identify scheduling and menu issues
  • Act as an advisor to work with the caterer’s customers to identify and address issues

Services for Airline Catering Software Developers

  • Design of software modules with focus on functionality and ease of use
  • Assist with marketing of existing software systems
  • Act as a sales agent
  • Develop project implementation time-lines
  • Actualize implementation projects and software roll-outs
  • Develop and deliver training packages for new systems
  • Consult on module configuration-set up specific to individual airlines
  • Facilitate understanding of industry specific terminology and business practices
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